Tiyan - trasformatori incapsulati


Our series of encapsulated AC/AC transformers for PCB applications are manufactured using UL-certified materials and comply with international safety regulations for electrical and electronic components, as well as low-voltage power transformers. These series related to this product category are available in their standard version as listed in the catalog, or can be customized according to specific designs based on their final application.

Production - Production Lines

The production facility dedicated to manufacturing these products includes 8 fully automated production lines for the winding process and another 6 lines for the insertion of laminations. The automated lines are supported by 4 additional manual lines, each equipped with 6 stations (for a total of 24 stations) dedicated to winding the primary/secondary on the bobbin, and 8 stations for manual insertion of laminations. For the encapsulation process, there are 3 fully automatic machines that, through manual programming by a qualified operator, seal the transformers under vacuum with the appropriate UL-certified epoxy or polyurethane resin, UL Class F - IP00. All materials used in the manufacture of these transformers are UL compliant, and 100% of the pieces are tested at the end of production, ensuring the necessary safety for the long-term service life of the transformer.

Materials and Certifications

  • UL Approved Materials: Coil former, wire; epoxy resin; case
  • Compliant with international safety standards for power transformers EN61558-1; EN609550
  • Compliant with UL 5085 Class 1-2 regulations on the design and safety of low-voltage transformers
  • Compliant with European environmental regulations REACH and RoHS
  • Double-chamber bobbin coils
  • Sealed under vacuum with epoxy resin Class F - IP00
  • Output power ranging from 0.5VA to 20VA
  • Service temperature / thermal class 40°C or 70°C C/B or F
  • 100% of products tested in post-production (Hi-Pot Test & Functional Tests)
  • Conforming CE Marking


Electrical and dimensional checks are performed on a sampling basis according to AQL (Acceptance Quality Limit) standards, and all detected parameters are recorded in specific modules (test reports) for rapid verification and traceability of the production batch. 100% of the products are tested at the end of production.



TIYAN SRL is a company born from the thirty years of experience of its founding partners, boasting a young, dynamic, and well-prepared team. Its field of expertise lies in the construction of electrical and electronic transformers for industrial and civilian use.


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